27 de febrero de 2024

33 thoughts on “Can the young Canadian team unseat Belgium at World Cup? | Pro Soccer Talk | NBC Sports

  1. Hilarious to watch this pre game convo after watching their post game convo. Haha. They acted like they knew Canada were gonna play great in the later video after predicting a blowout for Belgium in this video. Haha. What a clown show. And expected

  2. Who is this loser at the bottom who have no respect for non-European soccer nations ? 4-0 Belgium??? You get everything wrong . Belgium would have been limping out of the field today with a 2-1 loss if not more. Canada outshot Belgium handily. Educate yourself about soccer going around other parts of the world, if you want to keep your job

  3. Canada’s Speed is so underrated, I bet they catch the aging Belgian D on a couple of their lightning counter attacks.

    Plus Johnathan David is one of the better upcoming forwards in Europe for Ex Lige 1 Champions Lille.

  4. Going to say it here. I already predicted the Japan upset and Wales giving US trouble. Canada will be the surprise of the world cup and beat Belgium. You heard it here first

  5. We are Canada!!! Allow me to introduce to you, “Pulling the goalie”…. Our backcheck forcheck is what’s going to win us the game…

    And they have no idea what that is

  6. Not that I'm putting blinders on but there's always one team that surprises at the world Cup. Canada is that team this year. Hungry players wanting to make their mark.

  7. Aging defence in Belgium vs the young legs of Canada and they say 4 or 5 to nil. Come on this is the club beat the USA and Mexico to easily win concacaf qualifying yet these guys would give the Americans a better shot too funny. 2-1 for Canada get ready for another shocker at the world cup go Canada 🇨🇦

  8. Belgium has poor defence but one of the best keepers in the world
    Canada has top defence, but an inferior keeper than Belgium. Both teams have great strikers & offence.
    2-2 draw

  9. Typical Americans bringing the conversation back to their own team. 😂 Don’t sleep on Canada. We did finish top of the table qualifying, don’t forget. 😉🇨🇦

  10. I wonder what their predictions would be if it was USA vs Belgium. Davies is world class, Canada is unlikely to win but they are not going down without some blood drawn. 2-1 Belgium

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