26 de febrero de 2024

16 thoughts on “Canada plays Belgium tight in 1-0 World Cup loss | Pro Soccer Talk | NBC Sports

  1. There are two ways to look at Canada's performance: a very dominating performance that deserved a better result or a complete failure by the Canadian forwards converting attempts to goals. Based on this performance I think Canada will struggle to score against Croatia and Morocco as well.

  2. The best half of any gamee in the world cup so far.. We didnt win points but what we won was so much more. In the biggest game we had ever played, The whole world took notice. We are here for a reason!

  3. Not a huge soccer fan but have watched tons of sports. Belgium fouls often putting pressure on refs, as many experienced players do in order to get that advantage. Maybe explains weak goal scoring. I feel US suffers in a similar way.

  4. I'm not surprised Canada played a great game. There's a reason they are the leaders of CONCACAF! They were a force in World Cup Qualifying and the Gold Cup. As a USA fan, I always have a high respect for Canada when we face them

  5. Canada deserved a 2nd penalty attempt…the Belgian defender stepped on his foot…the whole world saw it…and how the referees saw otherwise defies logic.

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