26 de febrero de 2024

45 thoughts on “Jadon Sancho EXILED from Man Utd? 🤯

  1. In my opinion Man United are the most likely club out of the big 6 to get relegated. I'm an Arsenal fan but I still don't think Chelsea has a higher chance at going down. They'll probably eventually learn how to play football however Man United's squad is pretty old. I don't mean it as in they have old players but instead that most of the players that are at the club have been there for quite a long time, And yet when you watch them play it's like they've only just signed for the club and haven't played more than 20 professional matches.

  2. absolutely dogshit player, he's appallingly slow and even worse at dribbling than Rashford. He'll go out on loan to Juventus, he'll fail and then he'll end up either in Turkey or he'll take the Saudi money. He's just not a good player at all and his attitude is terrible

  3. United is such a graveyard for talent. They have ruined so many careers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well established veteran or a promising youngster they will find a way to turn you into a husk of your former self.

  4. pep let jadon leave for a reason and ten hag knows that ten hag gave sancho so many chances last season but he didn't take a single one and chose to be lazy whoever decides to buy sancho they will have a hell of a time trying to discipline him

  5. Anyone who doesn’t think all clubs funded by billionaires aren’t all doing this (past or present) is fooling themselves. If you’re a billionaire’s plaything, where it’s about fun and finding a way to be the best, you find ways to spend money, because money is not a concern at that ridiculous wealth level.

    One positive of private equity take overs: they are usually pretty open about money being spent because it’s an investment and all about return on that investment. In fact, the new Chelsea ownership seems to be the ones self-reporting all this as they audit their books from years past to ensure they are running an actual business.

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