1 de diciembre de 2023

39 thoughts on “Is this man the WORST REFEREE in Premier League history? 😳 #football

  1. tׁׅ⁠ɑׁׅ⁠ᨮׁׅ֮⁠ᥣׁׅ֪⁠ᨵׁׅׅ⁠ꭈׁׅ ꭈׁׅ⁠υׁׅ⁠ꪱׁׁׁׅׅׅ⁠݊ꪀꫀׁׅ⁠ܻ݊ժׁׅ⁠݊ ꪱׁׁׁׅׅׅׅ⁠꯱ꭈׁׅ⁠ɑׁׅ⁠ꫀׁׅ⁠ܻ݊ᥣׁׅ֪'ׅ꯱ ᝯׁ֒hׁׅ֮⁠ɑׁׅ⁠݊ꪀᝯׁ֒⁠ꫀׁׅ⁠ܻׅ݊꯱ ɑׁׅtׁׅ tׁׅhׁׅ֮⁠ꫀׁׅ⁠ܻ݊ ꫀׁׅ⁠ܻ݊υׁׅ⁠ꭈׁׅ⁠υׁׅ⁠😢

  2. The irony is that the best league has the worst refs. Generally, refs all over the world are trash with some individual exceptions. Rn Szymon Marciniak is the best ref in the world!

  3. It’s the same with all the northern refs and VAR officials. They should all be banned from officiating football matches involving clubs from London and midlands

  4. He shouldn't referee Man Utd vs Arsenal either, in the past 2 games he's got a late offside call wrong (Zinchenko was offside, Garnacho was onside). He's clearly an Arsenal fan, always stitches up their rivals

  5. Then he went on to ref in Switzerland against Israel in the Euro qualifiers and ignored the most obvious handball ever that ultimately would've changed greatly the course of the game

  6. There is nothing wrong with var or the rules. The problem is that more than 40% of all EPL officials were born in or currently reside in the greater Manchester area. That's why on average the Manchester clubs are favoured by the refs and their rivals suffer. That's also why that despite the apparent dominance of the Manchester clubs over many years they have performed poorly in Europe because they have no influence there. We have the best players, coaches, mangers, owners, hell even fans from all over the WORLD. Yet our officials are all from England and the vast majority are from Manchester. This is the source of the corruption. It's not ineptitude, it's much more sinister and people are finally waking up!

  7. It is dumb of people to mention Kyle Walker's handball as it was outside of the penalty box so, less relevant.Though a shitty referee, Anthony Taylor was pretty decent that day.

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