Cristiano Ronaldo vs Referees: Crazy Moments!

Cristiano Ronaldo the most crazy moments with referees in football. Reactions , fights , funny moments and more..
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44 comentarios en “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Referees: Crazy Moments!

  1. F-tech Computer

    You can tell that every lady of the world wanna get with Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the Alpha male in his reality. Maybe my wife might even want him anyway!

  2. Colin White

    I can't believe Rooney doing that to ranaldo when he played next to him.. I've been trying to find when ranaldo the ball was to high and he hit over the bar. There has been a load of mistakes by reffs like the goa where the ball was over the line it was a goal reff should have looked at monerta. And when ranaldo was taken of when playing Newcastle United couple of weeks ago. The manager is an idiot. We no ranaldo is getting older but he still plays like he was younger. I've played football my self played for Newcastle boys so I no all about football fans don't. I'm not being nasty but you have tp play football in a stadium to find out sorry fans with out you lot we wouldn't have a game. It's the best game in the world we invented football and look at the talent in UK and all over the world but in my books there is only one player best of all on the pitch and of is ranaldo. When he retires what are we going to do he will be big miss. I've sent a abundant of messages for ranaldo. And I think before he hangs his boots up come and play for Newcastle United. Newcastle have some great players now and I think if ranaldo came that would be the icing on the cake. I'm 74yrs old I used to hate watching football because I wanted to take part and I did get my chance when a scout seen me play at school mid week game senior team. I played out side right or inside because a was fast and could cross the ball just like becham. But I came away from football it was the biggest mistake doing that. I should have been born later. I no I would be playing for a club today. As like saying when I write a message that involves ranaldo zkooooooooo. Ps best player in the world not Messi


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